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Cerco Agenti nel Settore Alimentare Biologico per la Zona Puglia.

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Settore Merceologico: Alimentare Biologico
Figura Ricercata: Agenti
Zone: Puglia
Azienda: Abonett Kft.
Telefono: +3653560020
Fax: -
Codice Annuncio: 3259200013

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Testo dell'Annuncio

Abonett is located in Abony-Hungary, a family owned and operated business with a history of 70 years, demonstrating a sense of responsibility for its employees and local suppliers.

The company manufactures 100% natural, low calorie crackerbreads in 19 flavors, developed by adapting to the healthy lifestyles of consumers and trends in the market.

Market leader in Hungary, exporting to 27 countries worldwide, with gluten-free, organic, brown rice, protein rich, super seeds crackerbreads.
Crackerbread sandwiches are also produced with sweet and salty cream.

Abonett has considerable experience in private label as well as Kosher production. The company is certified by IFS.

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La Seguente Ricerca รจ stata commissionata da Abonett Kft..

L'Azienda Abonett Kft. ricerca Agenti nel settore Alimentare Biologico.

I recapiti aziendali sono i seguenti:
Telefono +3653560020, FAX -
Annuncio pubblicato in data 05/07/2024